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  • HIGH-LEVEL ADVENTURE FOR LEVELS 10-20. Dungeon Masters and players alike will unlock their full potential in this epic high-level Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters level 10-20. You hold the power to change the multiverse, so what are you waiting for? Legends aren’t born—they’re made.
  • DARE YOU SAY HIS NAME? Fans of Stranger Things will be delighted to discover that Vecna is back—with a vengeance. This notorious D&D villain has set his sights on something more terrifying than ever: the end of existence itself.
  • BATTLE ALONGSIDE D&D LEGENDS. Join the battle for the multiverse alongside legendary allies who you may recognize from other D&D adventures. This book includes detailed character dossiers with exclusive insight into these illustrious figures.

REDISCOVER BELOVED FIRST EDITION ADVENTURES—Uncover the ruins of an ancient kingdom, dig through the wreckage of a futuristic spaceship, and explore an enchanting fairytale garden; these treasured tales have been carefully chosen and lovingly remastered for fifth edition
PLAY INDIVIDUALLY OR AS A CAMPAIGN—Designed for maximum flexibility, all 6 can be played as standalone adventures, dropped into an ongoing game, or run together as a cohesive campaign that takes characters from level 1 to 13
MAGIC ITEMS & MARVELOUS MACHINERY—Let your imagination soar with 3 new magic items and 6 futuristic technological devices; take inspiration from this marvelous machinery as you infuse your campaign and characters with some classic D&D flair
MEET OVER 30 MEMORABLE MONSTERS & CHARACTERS—From sentient androids to cosmic frog monsters, you’re sure to emerge with a newfound favorite or two as you journey through roleplaying history
6 TIMELESS D&D ADVENTURES—This book contains the following Dungeons & Dragons adventures: The Lost City, When a Star Falls, Beyond the Crystal Cave, Pharaoh, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and Expeditions to the Barrier Peaks

As most TTRPG fans know, one of the most exciting elements of any roleplaying game is that the story can go anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, Game Masters can’t possibly prepare for every unpredictable request, unfortunate die roll or unbelievably bad player decision that might unfold at their table. That’s where this book comes in: Featuring more than 500 more maps, roll tables and story hooks, The Game Master’s Book of More Random Encounters will save readers hours of planning by providing all new enchanting adventure maps, perilous plot twists and unexpected NPCs that they’ve come to expect from the Game Master series in an easy-to-follow format that’s compatible with all their 5e adventures.

Featuring plenty of practical places like taverns, inns and alchemist’s labs as well as unexpected locations in far-off realms, farther-off planes and even the farthest reaches of the galaxy, The Game Master’s Book of More Random Encounters is everything readers loved about the first book in the series―but EVEN MORE. Whether they’re assigning a destination following a teleportation mishap, wondering what it would be like to dine at chain restaurant in the Abyss or looking for a simple spot for their players to kick their feet up for a few hours (careful, that coffee table is a realm unto itself), this action-packed tome is the remedy for maladies Game Masters didn’t even know they had.

· Dozens of plug-and-play encounter locations suitable for most fantasy settings
· Variant roll tables to mix up the action for every map
· Three one-shot adventures to flow into your own campaigns
· and more!

Most adventures in traditional TTRPGs start out the same way: Something bad happens and your players have to muster their courage to stand against it. Whether it’s rescuing the little dog that was kidnapped by the local troll, stopping an assassination attempt at the archduke’s wedding or recruiting an army to disrupt the construction of a world-ending ritual site, the party will always find a way to save the day. After all, what kind of heroes would they be if they let the dog, duke or entire population die? Saving the day is fun, but it starts to get repetitive after a while. If you’re using a “bad guys try to do stuff, good guys try to stop them” engine to drive all your sessions, you’re taking all the agency out of your players’ hands. Bad stuff happens, good people have to try to stop it, roll, rinse, repeat.

There’s a better way to play (and prep) your sessions. The Game Master’s Handbook of Proactive Roleplaying shows you how to convert your TTRPG gameplay from predictable action/reaction cliches to player-driven narratives that put all the choices (and most of the prep work) in the hands of your players. The goals are theirs. The decisions are theirs. Everything that happens in the world you’re building together occurs not because you planned it, but because the PCs are following their own paths, rather than Game Master breadcrumbs, to the scene of the next adventure.

The proactive approach ensures every battle has tension, every faction has a function and every session is high-stakes (and an absolute blast), putting the players and their characters in the driver’s seat so you can sit back and simply put giant goal- (and soul-) crushing roadblocks in their way.

You’ll also find:

• Foreword by Ginny Di with an afterword by Jeff Ashworth
• Writer’s block-breaking charts
• Case studies from decades of sessions
• Templates for goal-driven NPCs and factions
• A modular adventure setting and much more!

The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons provides GMs with endless options for populating their adventures with challenging riddles, puzzles, spiked pits, Rube Goldberg-style deathtraps and much more – everything they need to push player character to their limit and bring new levels of excitement (and anxiety) to their game play.

Whether part of a pre-planned adventure or a random encounter, these brain teasers, puzzles and traps will make every dungeon crawl, fortress break-in, or temple sacking that much more fun. GMs will find more than 60 challenging puzzles, 60 unique traps and 50 modular dungeon chambers, each with its own set of possible encoounters, meaning GMs can generate a fully-functional (or completely dilapidated) dungeon in a few rolls of a dice. With intricate technical illustrations, beautifully rendered top-down location maps and three one-shot adventures, written by RPG inflencers including Jasmine Bhullar and the creators of the Three Black Halflings podcast, The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons is the ideal tool for any GM hoping to put the fun back in fun-geon*.

Experience the wonder and terror of dragons as they were meant to be!

– New and expanded edition of Legendary Dragons from the award-winning fantasy art studio Jetpack7
– Includes more than two dozen world-shattering dragons, including 6 new dragons exclusive to this edition
– Dragon cults, dragon riders, aerial combat, magic items and much more
– Completely reedited and redesigned, plus 3 exciting one-shots adventures!

Game Masters and players alike are familiar with dragons and the threat they present in the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game. They’ve become so well-known, however, that some might say the magic has worn off them a bit. Even with the benefit of high-profile gaming supplements, they’ve become generic monsters, making the dragons in “Dungeons & Dragons” a shadow of their former imposing selves.

In The Game Master’s Book of Legendary Dragons, readers will find more than two dozen truly epic beasts, each of which comes with a complete backstory, a history, motivations, lair actions, legendary combat actions and more. These creatures are designed to be a worthy focus to any campaign, whether as a mind-blowing BBEG for an unforgettable, high-level climax, or as a motivating force that runs in the background of a lower level adventure.

Game Masters will also find new dragon-kin, drakes, kobolds and dragon races, plus new dragon-related organizations, skills, classes and magic, including dragon riders, dragon hunters, enhanced spells, aerial combat and airship options, dragon cults, magic items and more.

The Game Master’s Book of Legendary Dragons will provide endless ideas for Game Masters and countless hours of epic-level fun for adventurers willing to test their mettle against the baddest beasts the game has to offer.

New edition: v 2.0 Improved graphics, unique layout, and exclusive style!

Looking for inspiration for your next tabletop RPG campaign?
Discover 50 premade dungeon maps and start the adventure!

Dungeon Maps for Game Master book contains 50 unique and customizable dungeon maps. It’s a perfect asset for tabletop role-playing game players and Game Masters. Maps can be filled with additional objects, loot, monster and location features. Each map has an additional dot grid notebook-style page for story description, encounter details or extra space for mapping. The index page helps with navigating to the desired map quickly.

About This Book

  • 50 unique maps
  • additional dot grid pages
  • index page
  • convenient size: 8.5 in x 11 in (A4)
  • premium matte-finish cover design
  • high-quality white paper

Make your PCs sweat with villains and minions designed to challenge them as never before!

– New deluxe edition of Masters, Minions and Tactics from the award-winning fantasy art studio Jetpack7
– Includes more than two dozen deadly BBEGs, including 5 new villains exclusive to this edition
– Villains for low level and high level parties, plus tactics for more than 75 different minions and Big Bads
– Completely reedited and redesigned, with exclusive guidelines for creating your own original villains and minions, as well as three exciting one-shots adventures!

A game master’s biggest challenge can be prep time. With busy lives in mind, this book provides new and exciting content to help GMs save hours of time preparing for a game. Inside, readers will find twenty-five “Big Bosses,” along with insights into how they use their minions strategically in order to decimate any heroic threat that might cross their paths.

The Game Master’s Book of Villains, Minions and Their Tactics provides tips and strategies that readers can use to “drag and drop” a BBEG into a new or existing game, with full color illustrations, lore, stats, combat tactics, and special abilities for each exciting entry. You’ll also find detailed tactics and combat strategies for more than 75 minions and bosses found throughout the 5E game.

In addition to providing three exciting one-shot adventures, the book also shows you how to create your own original villains, minions and monsters – the best of the worst your game has to offer.

More than 300 random tables designed to help you build a new world from scratch or take your existing RPG campaign to new levels of creativity and excitement, plus 3 exciting one-shot adventures!

While The Game Master’s Book of Astonishing Random Tables is not a wondrous item, you’d be forgiven for assuming it has magical properties. That’s because within these pages are countless adventure hooks – side quests and travel complications and chase sequences and skill challenges and other encounters suitable for any environment. And that’s just one section.

These table results aren’t just short line listings of random answers either. Inside, you’ll find rich, fully examined results and supplemental pieces of text that provide you with all the information you need to use them effectively. With this book by your side, you can develop an entire campaign setting, its pantheon, its various continental forms and proclivities of its population. From the big questions (“Where does magic come from?,” “Who’s in charge?,” “Why are we at war with our neighbors?”) down to the most minute detail (“Can my party avoid paying property taxes on their new keep if it’s actually an instant fortress?”), this book has you covered.

Develop a rich tapestry of trade and commerce by randomizing your realms economy or find out who’s really pulling the strings by rolling on the Puppet Government table. Want more ideas? How about a table or curses or dreams or wild magic results or spell scroll side effects or a random potions generator or a list of things your party shouldn’t tough (but probably will)? All those and much, much more are waiting within.

So relax, unwind and unleash the unknown. By letting this book spark your creativity and set the stage for each session, you can focus on the important things like how to properly destroy that instant fortress).