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Graphic Design encompasses more than just pretty pictures and images. It contains the ability to see an overall concept using those “Pretty pictures” and possessing the ability to create that vision in a comprehensive manner to ALL viewers of your design.

I have worked in Photoshop for decades. I have seen, created and learned how to create some amazing graphic designs.

My typical rate is $90/hr. Most Graphic Design work begins with conception in standard sketch format (Pen and Pencil), once a concept is accepted I move into the illustration or creation phase where I take said concept and begin to make it a reality in Photoshop or Illustrator (Dependent on the type of Graphic design needed). Typical design runs from $300-$500’s dependent upon the scope of the graphic design needed.

My work has been used by BMW dealers to advertise there specials and sales. I have made graphic designs for fliers used to bolster a moving companies marketing strategy and I have built showcase design for magazines in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Please take a look at some of the graphic design work I have done for clients in the past.